Electronics/Technical Services

Under this department we offer various electronic security devises which can complement the manual security or can be used independently;

Alarm Systems. We sell, install, maintain and monitor GSM/GPRS and RDC alarm systems which report to the client’s cellular phone (SMS) and also to our fully equipped control room in any eventuality. We have an armed Quick Reaction Force (QRF) who are always instantly dispatched to investigate and take action in response to an emergency.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). We sell, install and maintain CCTV systems which suit all requirements from a stand-alone system reporting to a monitor, to a system that records everything on a 24 hour time-lapse.

Walk through and handheld metal detectors. We sell, install, maintain and repair both walk through and handheld metal detectors. We also supply intercom and access control systems.

Radio Communication. We are authorized agents for Kenwood in Uganda and we supply, install, program, maintain and repair all radio bases and antennae’s. We also provide training on the usage and correct monitoring and reporting sequence.