Guarding Services

Our intensive risk assessment process ensures that our experts will design an integrated physical and electronic security solution optimized for our clients’ needs and budget. We work closely with each client to establish all security risks and set a program goal. Therefore, the risk mitigation recommendations we suggest is client and site specific. We also work with our clients incessantly to ensure that their security system evolves with the changing security environment.

Saracen guards are professional and courteous at all times while maintaining a high level of security. We attain this through our excellent recruiting, vetting and training. Our training institution ensures that our guards undergo an intensive training program based on international standards. Our training

Syllabus was approved and recommended by the Uganda Police Force and other major security organs in the country, which organs also play a role during the training process. We also strive to decentralize our operations to the greatest extent possible, thus fully empowering our management personnel and providing them with quality services and support on a continuous basis. We have continuous quality assurance and quality control audits ensuring that there are compliance with the required regulations. Our supervision and deployment modules also play a very big role in ensuring quality services to all our clients. We also take out various insurance policies annually in order to protect the client, ourselves/employees and the general public in order to avert and minimize loss that may arise in the course of the execution of our duties.

In order to give backup to our vast service network which encompasses every region in Uganda, we make use of electronic devices.  These devices report directly to our Control Rooms at our Head Quarters in Lugogo, and all the other branches in the major towns throughout the country.  Such devices can report from every region where there is a GSM Network.  These include unmanned sites where radio telemetry or land line telephones cannot report.  The system works by reporting to our Control Room via the GSM SMSC providers.

We also provide VIP Protection Services and Escort duties.