Saracen Uganda is committed to the safety of our customers’ homes and businesses

Highly trained professionals act as a visible deterrent, ready to respond to any situation

Bolster your defenses with Saracen’s security services that offer a powerful layer of protection for your property, people, and peace of mind.

Armed Guard Deployments

Guards | Armed and Unarmed Deployments

Award winning, disciplined, well trained and vetted armed guards equipped for high-risk deployments that are sensitive where limited access control is top priority or for low-risk deployments where customer care service is top priority.

Internal & External Recruitment and deployment

Saracen Uganda is the preferred recruitment company with over 500 of its active-duty personnel stationed outside the Republic of Uganda as well as country wide project deployments in oil & gas, construction and humanitarian missions.

External Service Personnel Deployments

Comprehensive Training

We pride ourselves on providing over 10,000 trained security professionals in the private security industry who have gone on to greater heights, from security managers at corporations to team leaders in all sectors.

Unleash peace of mind with Saracen’s advanced tailor-made security systems

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, from cutting-edge intrusion detection to vigilant business monitoring. Our expert team tailors a security plan to perfectly match your needs, so you can focus on what matters most.

Quick Reaction Force

Electronic Security Systems

Saracen provides a wide range of electronic security management systems including:

  • Monitored Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Radio Communication Systems
  • Fire Protection & Monitoring

Supported by our dedicated quick reaction force (QRF) for armed response and incident management.

Security Dog Deployments

A dog training program held at Saracen’s canine training facility provides top class service dogs and handlers.

Dog Handlers

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